About us


[sel‘və] noun. A Tropical Rainforest. Wilderness. Jungle. Selva was born out of the love for all things wild and green. Our intention is clear—to introduce the finest South American forest açaí (ah-sa-ee) to Asia through sustainable harvesting methods and community- supported ecosystems.

Selva was born out of the love for all things wild and green and a deep sense that cross-cultural experiences enrich our lives and perspectives. Founded by a Singaporean and Brazilian, we live by those words.

While living in São Paulo in 2014, we wanted our family and friends in South East Asia to experience a bit of what we had in Brazil: the food, the vibe, the way of living rooted in the appreciation of the simple things in life.

Returning to Singapore, it was decided we would craft, honor and share the true Brazilian way of eating açaí —not as powder, supplement pills or in pasteurized juices which have significantly smaller amounts of açaí and preserved nutrients —but in the form of a single varietal frozen pureé.

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